Camilla Falsini Rugs Collection – Limited Edition

Camilla Falsini

Custom Rugs Collection

Limited edition signed by the artist

Only 10 rugs per colour design

Traditional handcraft
Traditional Handicraft
Highest Quality Materials
Highest Quality Materials
Certified Fair Trade and Sustainable
Certified Fair Trade and Sustainable
Custom Handmade to Order

Handmade Rugs Designed by Camilla Falsini

Camilla Falsini‘s art is inspired by modern art movements and masters, such as Bauhaus, De Stijl, Memphis and Futurism.

Her rug collection with Rug Your Life, Alfabeti, is an ode to language and human connection. She created her concept Alfabeti to paint it above the entrance to Metro B Cavour Station in Rome for Art Stop Monti: Futura. It was produced by nufactory Creative Agency and promoted and supported by Atac Roma.

Blue and brown yarn dyed and dry, ready to be rolled
Detail handknotted custom rug in orange

Custom handmade to order

Camilla Falsini rugs are vibrant, bold and daring, and bring an enlivening splash of color and style to your home.

They make your room feel fresh and energized, and inspire you to relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

All rugs are made by hand with the finest materials and techniques, ensuring the best quality, look, feel and enjoyment for years.

True handcraft

These exclusive, premium rugs are handmade using the softest, pure New Zealand wool.

They are custom handmade in the traditional Tibetan hand knotting technique and in the handtufted technique.

Close up Handknotted rug with blue circle


Having a handmade custom rug designed by Camilla Falsini is a privilege and a pleasure. It is a way to express your creativity and taste, and to enjoy the luxury of a custom designer rug that is made just for you.

Order now, rug your life on your terms.

Camilla Falsini about her work Alfabeti

“Language is not only communication, but also the basis and form of logical, philosophical and scientific thought. Language was born through sound, but human beings, at a certain point in their history, took a fundamental step: they began to invent and trace signs.

In other words, they gave life to real “abstractions”, forms that did not reproduce reality but that served something else. They invented writing, not only to communicate with each other and describe reality, but also to decipher the universe and nature.

In fact, writing does not only include letters, graphemes (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Indian…), but also, for example, mathematical, scientific and musical symbols.

Observing imaginary letters causes disorientation in the observer, the same we experience when listening to an unknown language or in front of foreign letters. We can enjoy the beauty of writing just when, paradoxically, we don’t understand its meaning.

And this is the basis of curiosity for the other, a feeling without which, in my opinion, humanity would become extinct tomorrow.

For me, thinking about the future of humanity is this: don’t forget about language, about what really connects us as human beings.”

Camilla Falsini

Camilla Falsini Mural Alfabeti Terrazza-01-3

About Camilla Falsini

Camilla Falsini is an artist and illustrator from Rome.

Her work is characterized by clear lines, stylized and minimal shapes and strong colors and ranges from editorial illustration to large wall paintings, from design objects to books.

After classical studies and a diploma in illustration at the IED in Rome, she started working as an illustrator collaborating with Italian and foreign agencies, publishers, companies, newspapers and magazines.

She has created installations, large paintings, wall paintings and sculptures. Her outdoor and interior murals can be found in many cities in Italy and Europe.

In 2020 she won, together with the WeAreJungle agency, the “Piazze Aperte” competition as part of the CLEAR project – City LivEAbility by Redesign, in Milan.

She has published several illustrated books and was selected at the 2017 Bologna Book Fair.

Camilla Falsini Mural Alfabeti Terrazza with artist-02-b-2

• B&B
• Il Sole 24 Ore
• Vanity Fair
• Zalando
• Samsung
• Washington Post
• Napapjiri
• Michelin
• Pfizer Animal Health
• Europe Assistance
• Eni
• Lavazza
• Corriere della Sera
• Gabs
• Cartoon Network
• Fidenza Village


• “5 WILD SHAPES”, for QED Publisher, United Kingdom.
• “ZOOM: The biggest circle ever”, for Victionary, Honk Kong.
• “Monumostri di Forlì”, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Forlì).
• Artist book “Legàmi”, in collaboration with private press “HD Edizioni” and Festival INCHIOSTRO.
• “Monumostri di Ravenna”, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Ravenna).
• 100 CHEVALIERS, (author and illustrator) Editions Amaterra, France, 2016.
• I piccolini e i mostri del parco, Einaudi Publisher, 2007.
• Il feroce Salatino,  EL Publisher, 2007.
• La solita storia di animali? MUP Publisher 2006.
• Io e la tigre, Ed. Sinnos, 2003.
• L’oeil amusè: le corps, Editions du Rouergue, 2002.
• In volo – Antologia per la Scuola Media, Assandri-Mutti, Ed. Zanichelli, 2003.
• Maschere, Ed. I Colori del Mondo, 2001.


• TOWARD 2030, L’Arte Urbana per uno Sviluppo Sostenibile, Feltrinelli, 2019.
• TATANKA Journal, 2019.
• Quadrifluox, 2019.
• ILLUSTRATORS ANNUAL (Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017), Ed. Corraini, 2017.
• ROCK MOTEL, Ed. Squame 2015
• PICTOPLASMA, the Portrait Compendium, 2014.
• 64 Kamasutra ART BOOK, Ed. Squame 2014
• Choi’s Gallery #17, 2012.
• Ultimate illustration 2! Monsa Publications, Barcelona, 2010.
• Fefè MAGAZINE #09.
• 030 illustrators – 12 illustratori under 30 Ed. HUBLAB, 2007.
• Erotika Coniglio Editore, 2006.


• Personal exhibition “ZOO POLIFORME”  in Bologna at ZOO, 2019.
• Personal exhibition “ALTRE CREATURE”  in Bergamo for DOMINADOMNA Festival, 2018.
• Group exhibition 50 SEGNALIBRI, Turin, 2017, curated by INWARD.
• Group exhibition Magellanea, Calcata, 2017.
• Group exhibition Il Bosco Inquieto,  BiancoVolta, Viterbo, 2017.
• Group exhibition Never Grow Up,  Ex-Dinamo, Bologna, 2017.
• Selected at Illustrators exhibition at Bologna Children Book Fair 2017, Bologna, 2017.
• Group exhibition “TRENTA3”, at Rosso27 Gallery, 2017.
• Personal exhibition “CAVALIERI, INCUBI E FANTASMI” at Street Levels Gallery in Firenze and wall painting inside the gallery, 2017.
• Group exhibition “Normali Meraviglie. La Mano”, 2016, Triennale in Milan. 
• Personal exhibition “I can be a frog” at Grauen Gallery in Monza.
• Personal exhibition “Nemici Immaginari” at Galleria Mirada, Ravenna.
• Group exhibition TRACKS at the Contemporary Art Museum of Rome MACRO.
• Group exhibition “XX x XX”, curator Daniele Decia at Fondazione Studio d’Ars Milan.
• Group exhibition “La piccola bellezza”, curator David Vecchiato and Mondopop.
• Illustration for 64 Kamasutra ART BOOK.
• Group exhibition Minimart2013, at FIFTY24MX Gallery, Mexico.
• Group exhibition HOMECYCLOPEDIA 6-8 of july 2013, Borgo Futuro Ripe San Ginesio.
• Group exhibition SKETCH VINYLS 1-9 of september 2012, PISA.
• Group show “THE WOODEN SHOW”, at Mondopop Art Gallery.
• Bipersonal exhibition at CELL63 ArtGallery in Berlin.
• Collective art show ARTE SAGRA, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Two painted vinyls for the art group show VINYL HAPPENING, at the Fiera di arte contemporanea Step09 (Milan).
• Personal exhibition with Serpeinseno “Chi trovi in vitro?”, at the art gallery FragileContinuo in Bologna.
• Collective art show “Urban Superstar Show” at Contemporary Art Museum of Naples MADRE.
• One painted vinyl for the art group show “Vinyl Factory” at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective artshow “SketchelGroupShow”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective street-art show “Scala Mercalli” at the Auditorium of Rome, curated by Gianluca Marziani.
• Collective art show “MoneyLisa”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective art show “CaputMundiPop”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Realization of a mural and exhibition at the “Rassegna di Arte Urbana BazarOne”, at the space Lanificio25 in Naples.
• Collective art show “Sottoterra-esempi di arte urbana 2° edizione”, at GIGA Gallery of Rome.
• Collective art show “Sventurata la terra che ha bisogno di (super)eroi, Indipendent Comics Festival InDays in Viterbo.


Limited Edition

They are limited editions of 10 pieces each colour combination, numbered and signed by hand by the artist herself.

Close up of handknotted rug in magenta and blue
Selected rug area to compare with the design

Certified Fair-Trade

The rugs are certified fair trade by STEP, which means they are made with natural and sustainable materials, respecting the environment and the artisans who make them.


Order the rug design you love the most.

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