About us

This really is about you, actually.

But here is a short introduction about myself and the company. My name is Nayla Ventura, I was born in Barcelona, Spain, and later moved to a beautiful town in Germany. There is where I founded Carpetzz back in 2010. Then my family and I moved to exciting Hong Kong and I decided to change the company’s name to Rug Your Life. It is the same company, I am (pretty much) the same person and I still strive for the same thing: transforming personal designs into carpets that are beyond special.

The company was created at the same time as my daughter was born, and it all began with a rug I made for her nursery. Having this personal connection with the company makes my customers’ stories and my mission even more meaningful for me.

After living in several countries and moving house a few times, I know how important and challenging it can be to know what to call home. Well, someone wise said “home is where the heart is”, and I could not agree more. My goal is to help you make your home yours.

Let me turn your unique story into something uniquely treasured: your very own rug, made in premium materials and heirloom-lasting quality. Show who you are and what makes you feel at home and celebrate your memories as a unique handcrafted bespoke rug.

Let’s get personal, let’s tell your story

Thank you.