3 Simple Steps

Ordering your own unique carpet could not be easier.


Step 1

Draw your design or tell us your idea.

It can be either professionally drawn or only drafted in your mind.

Get your inspiration from everywhere and anywhere! Doodle, scribble, look around for interesting patterns, close your eyes to imagine what makes you feel at home... Or maybe choose a deligthful artwork made by someone you love.


Step 2

Send us your design by email or post, along with the details of the size and shape you would like. There are almost no limits!

Should we help you decide? Let us know your technique preferences or let us help you choose among the options. We are happy to make a small sample of the rug, so you can see how your design would look like with the dimensions and technique that you chose. This is called a strike-off and it may help you picture the outcome better. Sending some coloured yarn for you to review and approve is no problem either.


There are several techniques to choose from: handtufted, handknotted in Tibetan, Nepalese or Persian knots, flatweave, woven as kilim, among others,

and also different premium materials: New Zealand wool, Tibetan wool, silk, aloe, cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo silk, besides all-weather materials

always in the best qualities. For handtufted rugs our gauge is between 3700-4800 joints per square decimeter and for handknotted rugs our knots gauge is between 60 and 200.


Step 3

Your beautiful rug is hand-crafted according to your design and personal choices.

We will keep you updated with pictures as your unique bespoke rug is created.

In a few weeks, your custom rug will be ready to send to the address you gave us. Anywhere in the world.



We deeply respect every order, provide you with maximum flexibility with regard to freedom of colours, technique, size and shape,

and provide an individual service to each of our valuable clients.


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