Children Rugs from Children’s Art – Bespoke and Handmade

  • Le tapis est BEAU ! Ma fille veut être dessus tout le temps et elle en est si fière !

“The rug is BEAUTIFUL! My daughter wants to be on it all the time and she is so proud of it!”

“We enjoy this carpet very much and our daughter is very proud of it. Many cannot believe it was her who painted it, because she was still very young… and the subject is not common for a 4 year-old… Then I always show the original picture and it is astounding how close the carpet is to the original. Thank you so much!” Customer from Switzerland.

“Thank you thank you! I was originally going to give it to my dad as a present but now my kids seem to want to keep it!” Customer from Hong Kong

“She LOVES it! Thanks so much for all your time. Please thanks the whole team who worked on it as well. Great job” Customer from Vietnam

“Oh Wow wow wow! Thank you! It looks incredible!!!” American actress Jamie Lynn Sigler had her son’s drawing of their family portrait turned into a beautiful custom rug for their family room.

Video of Jamie Lynn Sigler’s family unrolling her son’s family portrait custom rug for their cozy family room.

Nous avons une maison familiale où toute notre famille élargie se rend chaque année pour passer les vacances de Noël ensemble. C'est vraiment le seul moment de l'année où nous voyons tout le monde et c'est tellement spécial. Mon fils a fait ce dessin du Père Noël pendant que nous y étions. Je l'ai adoré et j'ai contacté Rug Your Life. Lorsque le tapis est arrivé, c'était incroyable. Même si je savais qu'il allait arriver, j'ai été submergé par l'émotion. Inutile de dire que le tapis occupe une place d'honneur dans le salon de notre maison familiale de Noël et que nous l'adorons tous. Je vous remercie infiniment. Les souvenirs n'ont jamais été aussi tangibles.

“Thanks so much! I truly do love your work. It’s artform with lots of talents behind it. It is perfect! I love how you traced back the little people. It’s so detailed.” Customer from Hong Kong who gave the rug as a gift to her friend in the United States

Jamie Lynn Sigler’s children as they unroll her son’s goalie drawing turned custom rug!

This young footballer and artist knew exactly that one of the players had to be in both teams because he was the best player and otherwise it would not be fair!

What a thoughtful surprise for this lucky father: his wife secretly asked us to turn this sweet drawing and note from their daughters into the most special custom rug for him. We cannot believe all the ladies in this house got to keep it secret from him until the rug arrived!

“Omg It’s beautiful!!!! So perfect!! You’ve done an incredible job! So so exactly what he envisioned” Jeanine from Hong Kong

  • Custom goalie rug from child's drawing
  • Custom rug from goalie drawing

“Thank you so much Rug Your Life for bringing [my son]’s artwork to these beautiful rugs! It’s making this feel more like a home and my budding artist has never felt more proud”. American actress Jamie Lynn Sigler

“Wow! OMG It’s adorable! They do look exactly like the pic the children drew. This is so amazing. Great job”! Customer from Canada

A rug that celebrates the creativity and own style of two sisters. Here they create incredible new memories together. It is so precious to combine these drawings, so that the mermaid of one of the sisters plays with the walrus of the other one; the princess of one of them comes out from behind the buildings of the superheroine drawing that the other sister did. And the rooster made by one of the sister walks around the rug next to the fish of the other sister.

A precious gift tradition in this family from Barcelona: when a child transitions from kindergarten to primary school, they get their very own custom rug from their artworks. This rug is a combination of four paintings and their son’s name.

Elena drew how her future home in another planet will look like when she is an astronaut. There is a bedroom, a living-room and even a garden, all connected through slides that go both upwards and downwards! Until she moves there, her parents want her to have her own planet in her bedroom (on Earth). The rug has a few more stars added so that there is no doubt that it is, indeed, in the outer space.

J'ai fait ce tapis pour mes enfants parce que je voulais qu'ils sachent que mon amour est toujours avec eux, où qu'ils soient. Il les atteindra et ils le sauront. Ils sont encore petits, mais un jour, lorsqu'ils déménageront, ils sauront que c'est ce qui ne changera jamais. Je leur enverrai mon amour et mes baisers ! Ce tapis a une place si importante dans leur chambre d'enfant. Je ne pourrais plus l'imaginer sans lui. Les baisers et les nuages sont sur des poils plus hauts, ce qui donne l'impression que l'on peut presque les attraper et les garder.

What is not to love about the overflowing creativity and imagination children express! All those wonderful scribbles, paintings, drawings, colorings, first words. Constantly transferring their thoughts, dreams and ideas into paper.

And you can celebrate their beautiful creativity by letting your children’s art become the most unique bespoke handmade rugs you (and they) could have imagined. No bedroom will have ever felt better than when they can see, touch and feel the art your kids made as their own bedroom rug.

Your family will also love to receive these special rugs as meaningful presents!

Let’s weave about them.