Annika Johansson Rugs Collection – Limited Edition

Handmade Custom Rugs

based on the paintings by artist

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Edizione limitata firmata dall'artista

Only 10 rugs per painting

Artigianato tradizionale
Artigianato tradizionale
Materiali di altissima qualità
Materiali di altissima qualità
Commercio equo e sostenibile certificato
Commercio equo e sostenibile certificato
Fatto a mano su ordinazione

Handmade Rugs based on paintings by Annika Johansson

Benvenuti nella nostra prima collezione di tappeti fatti a mano basati sui dipinti contemporanei Trompe-l'oeil dell'artista svedese Annika Johansson.

Handtufted rug close up, beige and pink


Each FIRST pre-order receives an exclusive 15% discount!

Choose your preferred rug by artist Annika Johansson, which we will make by hand for you. You are welcome to order a custom size.

Handtufted rug close up, pink and green

Personalizzato fatto a mano su ordinazione

For environmental reasons and to provide our full bespoke service, our rugs are always made to order.

Each rug captures the details and character of the original painting, making your rug a stunning work of art in its own right.

About Annika Johansson.

Autentico artigianato

We turn Annika Johansson’s playful and colorful paintings into handtufted rugs using the softest New Zealand wool.

Find out more about the handtufted technique.

Each rug is shaped in the creative, organic form the artist chose for her artwork.

Through custom-dyed yarn, we reproduce the 3D illusion created by the different colours.

Different pile heights are possible at your request.

Custom dyed yellow and brown yarn
Handknotted rug close up, yellow and white

Ordina il tuo

Having a handmade custom rug designed by Annika Johansson is pure joy.

With their unusual rug shape, lively colours and 3D illusion, they set a focal statement point in your home that is uniquely creative.

Order now, rug your life on your terms

About Annika Johansson

Annika Johansson è un'artista pittorica svedese la cui arte ruota intorno ai motivi geometrici, al colore e a una sorta di pittura Trompe l'oeil contemporanea.

I colori sono armoniosi e costruiscono solo con l'aiuto di luci e ombre l'illusione di essere 3D. La superficie è completamente piatta.

I suoi dipinti non sono né completamente astratti né figurativi, ma se si vuole vi si possono leggere figure o simboli, occhi e bocche.

Annika Johansson holding her painting "Multicolor snake"
Artist Annika Johansson painting

Il suo lavoro è caratterizzato da linee chiare, forme stilizzate e minimali e colori forti e spazia dall'illustrazione editoriale ai grandi dipinti murali, dagli oggetti di design ai libri.

The colors are both clear and precise and the edges are razor sharp.

She always works methodically, counting and drawing a pattern, taping, and painting layer upon layer of vinyl paint until she achieves the right shade and density in the paint.

È giocoso e colorato, con un pizzico di umorismo.

Annika Johansson in her own words

I find all phases of the projects equally fun from sketching, time planning, building models, planning, the production. From the idea to the finished work.

Because I find all parts of the project exciting and inspiring, I want to do as much as possible myself. At the same time, I appreciate the collaboration, and being able to brainstorm ideas with skilled craftsmen, architects and project managers.

I often work with different patterns, optical illusions, illusory three-dimensional painting. Neither completely abstract nor figurative.

I put great emphasis on the craft itself in my paintings, I cut out all my shapes myself in mdf boards which I then putty and sand until they get the high finish I’m after, then I paint with many layers of vinyl paint (flash) in sharp lines.

Annika Johansson process of painting "Swirl B "
Annika Johansson holding her painting "Star"

In the words of art critic Dan Backman

Annika Johansson’s new paintings are like a lovely French musical from the early sixties.

Or, to take a slightly more art-specific analogy, like a dance performance with Bridget Riley’s and Daniel Buren’s stripes as prima ballerinas.

It’s hard edge, op art and illusion painting, all the time with a humorous twist. The colors are cheerful (…). The forms as well.

Excerpt from Dan Backman art critic at Svenska Dagbladet, May 2021

Edizione limitata

Use your chance to get your rug now. These are limited editions of only 10 rugs per artwork. Each rug is numbered and signed by hand by the artist herself.

Exclusive discount of 15% of each first pre-order during our launch promotion.

Handknotted rug close up, white
Handtufted rug close up, yellow

Commercio equo e solidale certificato

I tappeti sono certificati commercio equo e solidale da STEP, il che significa che sono realizzati con materiali naturali e sostenibili, nel rispetto dell'ambiente e degli artigiani che li realizzano.

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Handknotted rug close up, pink