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Annika Johansson - Tappeto personalizzato in abete (verde e bianco, forma rotonda)

Handmade rug
Signed limited edition, 10 rugs only
15% Discount for #1 Order
Green and white in 4 different shades 
Premium soft New Zealand wool
Certified fair-trade
3D illusion through colors
Original art as a fun, irregular-shaped rug
Worldwide delivery.
+ You get photo updates of the handmade process

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Annika Johansson – Fir Custom Rug, green and white

Welcome to our first collection of handmade rugs based on the contemporary Trompe-l’oeil paintings by Swedish artist Annika Johansson.

We turn her playful and colorful paintings into handtufted rugs using the softest New Zealand wool.

With the harmonious colors and geometric composition that the artist has methodically planned, your favorite carpet builds the illusion of being 3D. The surface can be completely flat, or we can create higher and lower piles at your request.

Extremely limited edition: Only 10 rugs available from each painting.

The very first pre-order of each rug has a discount of 15%!

Each rug comes with a numbered label hand-signed by Annika Johansson herself.

Delivery estimated at approximately 10-12 weeks. Worldwide delivery.

For environmental reasons and to provide our full bespoke service, our rugs are always made to order. Your rug is even more exclusive than a limited edition; it is a unique masterpiece of handcraft realized completely for you only.

Il nostro impegno per il commercio equo e solidale significa che puoi goderti la tua bellissima opera d'arte in tutta tranquillità. Siamo orgogliosi di essere partner del commercio equo certificati da Label Step.

Si prega di notare che le taglie non sono esatte al centimetro e c'è sempre un margine di variazione del 3% nelle taglie e nei colori, dovuto al processo completamente artigianale e ai materiali naturali.

Rug Your Life is proud to be certified as a Fair-Trade partner by Step.

About the artist: Annika Johansson

Annika Johansson is a Swedish painting artist whose art revolves around geometric patterns, color and a kind of contemporary Trompe l’oeil painting.

The colors are harmonious and only build with the help of light and shadow the illusion of being 3D. The surface is completely flat.

Her paintings are neither completely abstract nor figurative, but you can read figures or symbols, eyes, and mouths into them if you want.

Il suo lavoro è caratterizzato da linee chiare, forme stilizzate e minimali e colori forti e spazia dall'illustrazione editoriale ai grandi dipinti murali, dagli oggetti di design ai libri.

The colors are both clear and precise and the edges are razor sharp. The craft itself is something she puts a lot of time and care into, from sawing out shapes in mdf boards, spackle and sanding them to mixing the paint.

She always goes about it methodically, counting and drawing a pattern, taping, and painting layer upon layer of vinyl paint until she achieves the right shade and density in the paint.
It’s playful and colorful, with a bit of humor.

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150 x 150 cm / 5' x 5', 180 x 180 cm / 6' x 6', 200 x 200 cm / 6.6' x 6.6'

Tecnica di tessitura

Taftato a mano


Annika Johansson


Lana della Nuova Zelanda




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