Kandinsky – Surfaces Meeting – Custom Bauhaus Rug

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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky painted Surfaces Meeting in 1934, when he had just moved to Paris. This is the year that starts the last transformation of his painting system. He works with much softer and subtler colour shades and with biomorphic shapes.

We translate this artwork as a fine handknotted rug in 150 Tibetan knots per square inch. This rug, with its greys and soft purples, elevates your interior design to a whole new level of calm and refined elegance.

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Our rugs are always custom-made to order. Delivery time for this rug varies between 8 and 12 weeks.

Feel free to always contact us for all your questions, ideas and suggestions.

  • Material: New Zealand wool, linen or mohair.
  • Size: 150 x 100 cm (4.9 x 3.3 ft) or 220 x 150 cm (7.2 x 4.9 ft) or request your custom size with the following form. Please note that the sizes are not exact to the centimetre and there is always a 3% variation margin, due to the completely handmade process and natural materials.

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Tibetan Handknotted 150 kpsi