Custom Rugs for Interior Designer Projects

Custom-sized rug remake from antique rug for beautiful interior design project in Hong Kong

Custom Rugs for the Ultimate Home Feeling for Your Clients

Rug Your Life bespoke rugs to tell your clients’ story

We create custom rugs for interior designer projects for your unique clients’ preferences.

You are the creative designer. We invite you to communicate your vision for your interior design projects with fully tailored rugs by Rug Your Life.

Honoring each home’s uniqueness and the family’s story: in your design language, through our rugs.

We love working with the best handmade techniques and materials and offering you our truly personal customer service. You can just enjoy bringing your interior design project to life and creating wonderful spaces for your happy clients.

Custom patterned rug for interior design project

The Right Custom Rugs for your Mood Board

Our custom rugs are specifically designed and handmade for your interior projects. Send us your mood board, floor plans, colors and inspirations. Tell us about your client’s preferences and about your design vision for their most incredible home.

We have years of experience designing custom rugs with patterned designs, Art-Déco style, for teenager rooms, for homes with pets and many more.

Bespoke Rugs from Your Own or Your Client’s Designs and Images

Bring your art and your client’s favorite images to life as bespoke rugs.

The inspiration can come from anything that is meaningful to your client. For example, the textile pattern of a chair they remember fondly from an old picture, the photograph of beautiful tiles from a memorable trip, a painting they painted themselves or a handwritten note they cherish.

Of course, it can also be a design you made yourself to represent their lifestyle and your creative vision for their home.

Bespoke handmade custom rug from children's art, handwoven for unique children bedrooms

Unique Children Bedroom Rugs with their Kids’ Own Art

Imagination galore in this sweet and fun celebration of your client’s children’s creativity: bedroom rugs, handmade with their own art!

From one or several of their own drawings, paintings, handwriting and scribbles, we prepare rug layouts that complement your bedroom vision and become the most special rug they ever had. We can keep the original colors or adapt them to the room decor.

Rugs that say “I belong here”.

It was such a pleasure to create our rug with [Rug Your Life].
[They] spent a lot of time choosing patiently with me the colors, the type of yarn […] and the design of our rug that suits perfectly to our taste and lifestyle.
We are enjoying our rug, kids are doing their homework on it, the cat is sleeping on it and I love reading a book on it: perfect for the family.
Thanks to Nayla and the team behind Rug your life.

— Thomas P., Hong Kong

We never thought it could turn out this good. It is just incredible that from two small pictures from a library book such an astonishing carpet could be made. The quality could not be better.

[They] could not believe they had such a special one-of-a-kind carpet, made just for them.

— Rosana, Spain