David M., Los Angeles, USA.

This rug is an incredible technical achievement that you and your team have made. The way in which Delaunay’s painting is so carefully represented, the care you put into choosing the colours, and how each knot is made so perfectly, just cannot describe it. I would have loved it if he had been able to see it himself. Who knows, maybe he has? 😉 Really. We thought we knew how it would turn out, even though you had not made this carpet before, but with your pictures and updates we really thought we knew what was coming. But oh my goodness did we not. When we unrolled it, it was insane. We are usually very calm people. But let me tell you, we were not at that moment. We are emptying all our floors to fill them with more Delaunay rugs.

Review left for: Robert Delaunay – Endless Rhythm, Custom Fine Modern Art Rug