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Gorgeous Rug! Nayla has made many rugs for me (~8) from my illustrations and every single one has been gorgeous! I love them and they are all over my home. If you want a rug from your works of art, I highly recommend Nayla and Rug your life!! XO

Sally O. Lee, Massachusetts – USA

Thank you so much Rug Your Life, for professional and excellent work, making my rug for my artwork.

Natasja – Norway

This custom rug really is a testament to Rug Your Life and the weavers, an excellent interpretation. We are absolutely delighted with the result, so thank you.

Andre – United Kingdom

As an expat […] I longed to have a reminder of my country, in my home away from home. I was kept up to date throughout the whole carpet making process and am very happy with the final product. […] To me, it is one of my favourite items in my home, and will alwaysContinue reading “Customer from Malta”

Customer from Malta

We never thought it could turn out this good. It is just incredible that from two small pictures from a library book such an astonishing carpet could be made. The quality could not be better. We were honestly all so surprised. And needless to say, our friends could not believe they had such a specialContinue reading “Rosana – Spain”

Rosana – Spain

To the weavers and workers who turned my self portrait into an amazing rug, I am very impressed with the quality and detail of the rug. You should be proud of the amazing job you have done. I know I am.

Jason – United Kingdom

The result is absolutely amazing and it surpassed all expectations! Also the price-quality relation is absolutely top class and I warmly recommend their service it to everyone who wishes to have a personalized carpet 🙂

Yves – Switzerland

The carpet […] was the centre piece installation of the exhibition and was very well received. It is hand-tufted on 2 layers. The carpet was sold to a private buyer.

Stephen – United Kingdom

There cannot be a better statement of happiness than this rug.

Marcel V. – Barcelona, Spain

Our experience with Rug Your Life was amazing. The rug itself is intricately detailed, coloured and tufted to perfection and truly beautiful. The whole process was enjoyable as Nayla was so great to work with. We loved seeing photos of the incredible process and everything from price to delivery was spot on! Thanks Nayla, weContinue reading “Annie, Los Angeles – USA”

Annie, Los Angeles – USA

I wanted a personalized rug and made the design, Nayla (Rug Your Life) made it happen. So happy with the result:-)

Hans Q. – The Netherlands

It was such a pleasure to create our rug with Nayla who is dedicated to her work.She spent a lot of time, choosing patiently with me the colors, the type of yarn (linen and bamboo silk) and the design of our rug that suit perfectly to our taste and life style.We are enjoying our rug,Continue reading “Thomas P. – Hong Kong”

Thomas P. – Hong Kong

We LOVE our new rug, thank you so much Rug Your Life for helping spread the love of reading through your beautiful design – we can’t wait for the kids to enjoy sitting and listening to stories on it very soon!

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

Every time I walk into my son’s room I smile at the rug he designed with Rug your life. You can feel the quality under your feet and see the quality in the workmanship and the colour. Our son (aged 6 then) worked with Nayla to choose the colours from his chosen painting so heContinue reading “Marianne – Hong Kong”

Marianne – Hong Kong

I absolutely love the rug, I am delighted with how it has turned out. It is so rich in colour and feels and looks so luxurious. Thank you so much for a great service and for keeping me informed of progress along the way. I am delighted with the service and product and I don’t hesitateContinue reading “Deirdre, Galway – Ireland”

Deirdre, Galway – Ireland

The rug is BEAUTIFUL! My daughter wants to be on it all the time and she is so proud of it!

Mariona, Barcelona

We enjoy this carpet very much and our daughter is very proud of it. Many cannot believe it was her who painted it, because she was still very young… and the subject is not common for a 4 year-old… Then I always show the original picture and it is astounding how close the carpet isContinue reading “Customer from Switzerland”

Customer from Switzerland

Thank you thank you! I was originally going to give it to my dad as a present but now my kids seem to want to keep it!

Customer from Hong Kong

She LOVES it! Thanks so much for all your time. Please thanks the whole team who worked on it as well. Great job

Customer from Vietnam

Oh Wow wow wow! Thank you! It looks incredible!!! Thank you so much Rug Your Life for bringing [my son]’s artwork to these beautiful rugs! It’s making this feel more like a home and my budding artist has never felt more proud.

Actress Jamie Lynn Sigler

We have a family home where all our extended family go to every year to spend the Christmas holidays together. That is really the only time of the year we see everyone and it is so special. My son made this Santa Claus drawing while we were there. I loved it and contacted Rug YourContinue reading “Lisa Wheler from Ireland”

Lisa Wheler from Ireland

Thanks so much! I truly do love your work. It’s artform with lots of talents behind it. It is perfect! I love how you traced back the little people. It’s so detailed.

Customer from Hong Kong

Omg It’s beautiful!!!! So perfect!! You’ve done an incredible job! So so exactly what he envisioned

Jeanine from Hong Kong

Wow! OMG It’s adorable! They do look exactly like the pic the children drew. This is so amazing. Great job!

Customer from Canada

Many thanks for your flawless delivery and handling of my rug. The world would be a better place if everyone managed their companies the way you do. Very grateful.

Tomas from Sweden

I made this rug for my children because I wanted them to know my love is always with them, wheverer they are. It will reach them and they will know. They are still little now, but some day, when they move out, they will know that this is what will never change. My love andContinue reading “Jana from Germany”

Jana from Germany

We wanted to thank you all so much for the beautiful rug you created for [their] wedding gift. From the moment we met you, we knew that you were the right people to bring such a precious thing to life. Thanks for taking so much time and thought throughout the whole process, it looks AMAZING!

Laura and Eryka – United Kingdom

Thank you! There was only extremely positive and glowing feedback from our client!

Customer from Australia

We are so excited to work with you. Thank you!