At Rug Your Life we create fine bespoke rugs with your own design, your children’s artworks or your favourite artist’s masterpiece paintings.

Our custom rugs are made for you only. We believe in true handcraft and put our expertise and dedication into weaving each rug only for their intended unique home, with loving attention to each detail and respect to the skilled craftsmanship. Find out more about our techniques and materials.

Bespoke rugs made to order with the piece of mind of knowing that only the necessary natural resources and production energy were used.

You get so much more than beautiful rugs. You get rugs that mean home.

Find the museum art piece that you love as as handmade custom rug in our Art Rugs Shop. We weave world-class artworks by Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian, László Moholy-Nagy, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Theo van Doesburg and Robert Delaunay.

Get your own design as handmade custom rugs. Send your own art or favorite personal image. And let us turn it into the most meaningful rugs you ever had. Rugs that change the energy of the room for everyone to enjoy and come together.

Send in your child’s drawings, artworks, paintings and scribbles! We will create magical rugs full of their endless imagination to celebrate their creativity and fill their bedrooms with their artistic pride and uniqueness.

Happy Customers


Gorgeous Rug! Nayla has made many rugs for me (~8) from my illustrations and every single one has been gorgeous! I love them and they are all over my home. If you want a rug from your works of art, I highly recommend Nayla and Rug your life!! XO

Sally O. Lee, Massachusetts – USA

Thank you so much Rug Your Life, for professional and excellent work, making my rug for my artwork.

Natasja – Norway

This custom rug really is a testament to Rug Your Life and the weavers, an excellent interpretation. We are absolutely delighted with the result, so thank you.

Andre – United Kingdom

As an expat […] I longed to have a reminder of my country, in my home away from home. I was kept up to date throughout the whole carpet making process and am very happy with the final product. […] To me, it is one of my favourite items in my home, and will alwaysContinue reading “Customer from Malta”

Customer from Malta

We never thought it could turn out this good. It is just incredible that from two small pictures from a library book such an astonishing carpet could be made. The quality could not be better. We were honestly all so surprised. And needless to say, our friends could not believe they had such a specialContinue reading “Rosana – Spain”

Rosana – Spain

To the weavers and workers who turned my self portrait into an amazing rug, I am very impressed with the quality and detail of the rug. You should be proud of the amazing job you have done. I know I am.

Jason – United Kingdom

The result is absolutely amazing and it surpassed all expectations! Also the price-quality relation is absolutely top class and I warmly recommend their service it to everyone who wishes to have a personalized carpet 🙂

Yves – Switzerland

The carpet […] was the centre piece installation of the exhibition and was very well received. It is hand-tufted on 2 layers. The carpet was sold to a private buyer.

Stephen – United Kingdom

There cannot be a better statement of happiness than this rug.

Marcel V. – Barcelona, Spain

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