Nayla Ventura, founder of Rug Your Life

Thank you for being here. My name is Nayla Ventura and I am the founder of Rug Your Life.

I love this company and the incredible rugs we make dearly. And even more I love the chance to get to work with people like you. You trusting us for such a special project as a custom rug with a design you love and that will be placed in your home is beyond honouring for me.

Every day I am more and more excited to get to be here and do this and get to know you.

Here is what matters to me:

  • FAMILY. I have two amazing children and a wonderful partner. I have been blessed with the most loving and encouraging family.
  • CONNECTION. To myself and to others. My soul purpose is to connect each person more to whom and what matters to them and to their home, through meaningful rugs.
  • FREEDOM. I am very grateful that I have the freedom to create my life as I feel I am meant to live it.
  • LEARNING. Personal growth and development are crucial for me and I dedicate daily conscious time to it.
  • TRUST. You, here, us working together for an incredible project. I have great trust in life.
  • LOVE. Nothing to say you would not know. It’s just everything.


Now let’s have fun and create magical rugs together for your home.

All my best wishes

Nayla Ventura

Come on. Let’s weave about it.