Hello dear person,

Thank you for being here with us. My name is Nayla Ventura and I am the founder of Rug Your Life.

I love this company and the incredible rugs we make dearly. And even more I love the chance to get to work with people like you. I honestly do. Your trusting us for such a special project as a custom rug with a design you love and that will be placed in your home is beyond honouring for me.

Every day I am more and more excited to get to be here and do this and get to know you!

Here is what matters to me:

  • FAMILY. I have two amazing children who never cease to steal my heart. I have been blessed with the most loving and supporting family.
  • CONNECTION. To myself and to others. My heart’s purpose is to provide a service that connects each person more to what matters to them and to the people who matter to them, through meaningful rugs.
  • FREEDOM. I am very grateful that I have the freedom to choose and create my life as I feel I am meant to live it.
  • LEARNING. Personal growth and development are crucial for me and I dedicate daily conscious time to it.
  • TRUST. You, here, us working together for an incredible project. I have great trust in life.
  • LOVE. Nothing to say you would not know. It’s just everything.


I am so so excited to see what magical rug we will create together for your home!

All my best wishes

Nayla Ventura

Come on. Let’s weave about it.