Nuestro servicio

Bespoke rugs from your ideas and wishes.

Yarn dye tests and rug samples available.

Years of expertise and experience.

Always real and open communication.

Full personal service at all stages.

You are seen and heard

We know what it feels like to want your home to look beautiful and put together, and feel personal and unique at the same time. You deserve to feel fully yourself at home without compromising with rugs that are just fine!

This is why we truly listen to your ideas. Our purpose is to make them happen for you to have the most meaningful rugs you ever imagined.

You can be as involved as you choose in the process of translating your designs into woven rugs.
We love to meet you during a personal call or video call to discuss the best options for your dream rug to become reality.

If you are unsure about the colours, we can custom-dye colour samples in the colour selection you like and send them to you.
We can also send you rug samples for you to see and feel the materials directly.

Or you can choose to leave it all to us and our experience and comfortably relax and wait for your incredible rug to arrive home!

You are important

We are committed to creating the rugs that truly belong in your home and life.
You decide the size and shape you want them to be, which colours you want for them, how you want the materials to feel and look.
Your preferences are very important to us.

If you have children, pets, allergies or irregularly-shaped rooms;
If you love the feeling of wool, but only if it is short;
If you really like the pattern on an image you have, but only a part of it.

Please tell us what matters to you, what you care about. This is what we care about too.

You are part of the process

Since our first contact, you are participating in the story of your rugs. Your rugs belong to you from the moment you think of making them.

We will send you pictures of different stages of the handmade production of your custom rugs. This will make the wait even more exciting! When you have them home, you will certainly remember having seen being created.

You are part of this fine handcraft that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The magical weaving tradition. The production is completely handmade in India and Nepal. Each step is handmade with so much love, respect and dedication that you will no doubt feel it in the rug and the room.

You are in good hands

At Rug Your Life, we are experts in turning your designs into handmade custom rugs. This is what we have passionately specialized ourselves in since 2010. This was also the year our founder became a mother. That year, a never-ending learning in at least two new fields began.

We definitely do not know everything, but we do know very well how to best transform your designs into custom handmade rugs. And we are so excited to continue learning and growing with you.

Sometimes your design preferences will require to be adapted and interpreted, to match your wishes and to fit the technical possibilities of the weaving handcraft.
Sometimes we will be able to directly transfer your design into a weaving graph and weave your image exactly as on your pictures.
We know very well how to do either. And we will always communicate with you.

We consistently dedicate ourselves to elevating our personal service to you, translating your chosen designs even better as handmade rugs, refining the quality of our custom rugs and improving their delivery to YOU, as well as our post-delivery service. You can always come back to us for any and all questions regarding your rugs, no matter how much time passed since you got them.